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thursday, april, 30, 2009

  11:27 am

Nerd Alert!

Boxed complete series of Joss Whedon's "Angel" has finally come around again as the Amazon Deal of the Day. $57, free shipping. I got mine.


saturday, april, 4, 2009
  2:52 pm

Excited and Mortified

I just bought a ticket to Leonard Cohen -- he's playing at the San Diego Copley Symphony Hall (formerly the Fox Theater, built in 1929) on Tuesday. I'm going by myself, because the ticket was soooooo expensive. I got a great seat.

I don't mind going by myself -- it's what  I do.


Even though Cohen is 74, even though he hasn't toured in 15 years (and I saw him then), even though he is one of my holy trinity of musicians (Waits/Cohen/Cave), I am suffering tremendous guilt at spending so much for a couple of hours that would have passed free of charge in my living room. I wouldn't pay this much to see Obama, the Dalai Lama or the Pope.

Convincing rationalizations gratefully accepted.


wednesday, february, 4, 2009
  11:53 am

It's Kyra's Birthday...

...and we're going to the San Diego zoo!


wednesday, november, 5, 2008
  9:15 am

It Will Happen

Did you hear it, last night, when President-Elect Obama included "gay or straight" in his description of the diversity of Americans?


And a harbinger of progress in America.

Californians' briefly-held right to marry whomever they choose will be reclaimed through three avenues: education (the long-time scourge of fundamentalism), familiarity (as it has become acceptable to be gay, more people in broader communities identify with their out co-workers and neighbors) and attrition (old people die).

It is frustrating as hell that a few more percent of voters didn't pull their heads out of their asses, but it was by no means a rout.  Look at Arkansas, that outlawed gays' right to adopt kids yesterday, or Florida, where gay marriage was banned nearly 2 to 1.

I personally want to head on over to Utah and start raising some serious shit on THEIR state issues, so they don't take their ignorance on the road in our direction again.

Bunches of my friends married in the past few months. That has not been undone. And everyone who is out there falling in love now, during the hiatus -- hold tight, more young people are reaching voting age every day, and with their numbers added to ours we won't let this crap stand.

opiate du jour: determined(mis)diagnosis: determined

tuesday, november, 4, 2008
  1:12 am

Prop 11 (Redistricting) -- Vote NO

This initiative isn't getting the visibility of the "big important issue" of whether we should embed bigotry in our State Constitution ... but it's very important.

It's essentially good ol' Arnie's attempt to do an end run past the obstacles his cronies hit when -- GAH! -- elected officials decide districting issues (a process which has plenty of problems, but at least the decision makers have to answer to their constituents come election day) and install a convoluted APPOINTMENT PROCESS engineered to be easily tainted by the GOP and Big Oil.

Non-white and lower income communities will, no surprise, be the big losers in this one.

An exerpt from the non-partisan analysis of Prop 11:

" Opponents to Prop. 11 include:

* U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer,
* House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,
* the California Democratic Party,
* the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund,
* the NAACP Legal Defense Fund
* the Asian-American Pacific Legal Center."

Arguments that have been claimed in opposition to Prop. 11 include:

* No accountability to taxpayers. Each commission member is guaranteed $300 a day, plus unlimited expenses in the form of staffing, offices, etc.

* The commission created under Prop. 11 would allow politicians to hide behind the selected bureaucrats to maintain a hold on redistricting as they wish.

* The overly complicated process created by Prop. 11 would make it easier to mask hidden agendas of the people behind those on the committee.[26] "

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monday, october, 13, 2008
  12:05 pm

Me, but Not

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, (even if we don't speak often or ever) please post a comment with a

It can be anything you want - good or bad -

When you're finished, post this little paragraph in your LJ and see what your friends come up with.


thursday, september, 25, 2008
  12:31 am

I'm sorry, I didn't understand you.

Kyra had a very long IM session with the AOLSystemMsg bot last night.


thursday, august, 21, 2008
  6:15 pm


I'm interested to see how j3nzie, the biggest film buff on my friends' list, does on this quiz in which you name the movie by the poster typography.

Have at it, birthday girl!

I got all of eight, six of which were kids' movies. Go figure.

-- via smoakes777

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wednesday, july, 16, 2008
  12:04 am

Kyra's First Camping Trip

It was amazing. She had the time of her life, and we crossed many milestones: first tent, first night outside, first natural body of water, first campfire, first toasted marshmallow ...

opiate du jour: happy(mis)diagnosis: happy

friday, june, 6, 2008
  2:17 pm


Free Bumper Sticker!

Help spread our message far and wide: Voters are ready for change!

Get Your Free Sticker!

Put this offer on your own page or journal:


thursday, april, 10, 2008
  10:49 pm

It Aint' Over Yet

Happy birthday to angeldye and blogalisation!


sunday, march, 2, 2008
  3:40 pm

BrokenH Beats Last Year's Time by More Than Half an Hour!!!

This year, according to angeldye:


Last year, from brokenheather's LJ:



Congrats, Heather!

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wednesday, february, 13, 2008
  11:36 pm

Women and Money

Yes, she's annoying and condescending, but not nearly so bad when you read her as watch her. And her explanations and advice are sound.

Until 8pm ET February 14, the Oprah Winfrey site is giving away a free PDF version of financial guru Suze Orman’s latest book, Women & Money.

To find the download, scroll to the bottom of this page. The book is available in both English and Spanish editions.



tuesday, february, 5, 2008
  12:03 am


Two years and three hours ago a tiny Kyra was pulled from my generally anaesthetized tummy.

Now she's learning her alphabet, counting, making up songs about meeting daddy at the train

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring you joy -- the sweetest moments of my life.


monday, january, 28, 2008
  12:52 pm

The happiest of birthdays to shadowrath ... who got up as always before 5 this morning and hopped the train to work, just like every other day ... there is a toddler here who has been singing "Happy Birthday" to you all morning. We love you!!!


monday, december, 3, 2007
  9:25 pm

In the Spirit of the Season: Peace on Earth

President Bush may be on his way out, but if we don't pay attention, his last action could be starting another war with Iran. We definitely don't need the President who made such a mess in Iraq opening up another front in the Middle East.

Without a clear line in the sand, Bush's reckless actions could start a war before we have a chance to weigh our options. That's why Congress has to step up and pass a bill making it crystal clear that Bush does not have the authority to go to war with Iran.

There are bills in Congress that say just that, but our reps need to hear from us to move forward. I just signed this petition asking Congress to stop another Bush war before it starts. Can you join me?



friday, november, 30, 2007
  12:11 am

Corn peas? Corn peas?

It's after midnight and my toddler is jumping up and down on the bed next to me, dancing to Alice Cooper's "School's Out" as performed on the Muppet Show (at the top of her request list of late, along with the Evian swimming babies commercial, extra-nekkid European version.)

What kind of momma am I?

("Corn peas?" is what she chants when she wants me to troop downstairs with her for a freezer raid, so that she can beg for ice cream instead of frozen veggies once she has me down there. Junk food will not prevail.)

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thursday, november, 1, 2007
  12:47 am

Fairy Dust

Kyra was in full velcro mode when we went to the photo studio today. It's a miracle that we got any shots at all! In this picture she's actually sitting on my knees and holding my hand while I lean back and the poor crazed photographer loses her sanity just to win a smile.

Tonight she went trick or treating to just a few places on our street. Never said a word, but caught on to the "stand at the door until it opens and a total stranger loads candy into my Elmo basket" routine in no time.

opiate du jour: loved(mis)diagnosis: loved

tuesday, october, 23, 2007
  10:51 am

Music Lesson

Excuse me, Mr. Hoots
I hate to bug a busy bird
But I want to learn the sax
And I need a helpful word
I always get a silly squeak
When I play the blues

Ernie, keep your cool
I'll teach ya how to blow the sax
I think I dig your problem
It's rubber, and it quacks
You'll never find the skill you seek
Till you pay your dues

You gotta put down the duckie
Put down the duckie
Put down the duckie
Yeah, you gotta leave the duck alone
You gotta put down the duckie
Put down the duckie
Put down the duckie
If you wanna play the saxophone!

You didn't hear a word I said
You gotta get it through your head
Don't be a stubborn cluck
Ernie, lay aside the duck!
I've learned a thing or two
From years of playing in a band
It's hard to play a saxophone
With something in your hand
To be a fine musician
You're gonna have to face the facts

Though you're blessed with flying fingers
When you wanna wail, you're stuck
What good are flying fingers
If they're wrapped around a duck?
Change the toy's position
If you wanna ace the sax!

--Put Down The Duckie
Words by Norman Stiles
Music by Christopher Cerf
sung by Ernie (Jim Henson) and Hoots the Owl (Kevin Clash)

opiate du jour: grateful(mis)diagnosis: grateful

monday, october, 15, 2007
  3:43 pm

Yo, Lisa

birthday spud


saturday, september, 8, 2007
  6:14 pm

Happy Birthday, S. M. Oakes

Somewhere in this city, in the immediate future, dinner will be served and a murder mystery unfold around smoakes777. Here's hoping you collar your perp, Ms. Sherlock...whatever you do, don't forget to turn off the holodeck when you leave, cause Moriarty will certainly follow you home.


saturday, september, 1, 2007
  9:28 pm

The Man's About to Burn (Again)

We're watching the playa festivities online while The Sound of Music plays on the TV.  Quite an interesting contrast.  LiLU and Rommel, Angelus and Broken, Chainboy (I think), Connie-Lynne and the rest of the Korps are lamenting that the week has ended so soon, I bet. Hope they got RedJenn's Man Substitutes.

This is the second burn we've missed due to the proximity of the wee one to the ground and how she just wouldn't understand playa dust and its relative endurability given the wonders it enshrouds.

In recent years, I've taken to dragging my lawn chair out to the Esplanade and watching from there; I get too surly when all the weekend-only yahoos treat everyone like the front rows are a mosh pit, which wouldn't be so bad if there weren't so damn many people. Of course I get equally surly at all the people who sit like it's a damn church service and yell "down in front" at pregnant chicks with spinal fusions who were there long before said morons walked up and *sat down behind where she was standing.*

Shocked as I was at the news that the man went up during the eclipse, I think that it was a burn-worthy prank and that Paul Addis is well-spoken and interesting enough in the post-"arson" interviews to be worth the attention being given.  I'd go see his Hunter S. Thompson monologue if it were in L.A. and the parking didn't suck!

More people go to Black Rock City every year -- this year my building manager went -- but what interests me is how exponentially more people every year have a Very Strong Opinion on Burning Man, usually skewed toward one or another misperception -- even though they've never gone.  Nor should they!


friday, july, 20, 2007
  9:17 pm

Harry Potter Bookjacket Disguise for the Testicularily Insecure

Snagged from smoakes777  ... from

Harry Potter Bookjacket Disguise for the Testicularily Insecure

opiate du jour: cheerful(mis)diagnosis: cheerful

wednesday, july, 11, 2007
  7:40 pm

Somebody Call Stan Lee!

Click on image to see larger version...and click on that one for an even bigger one.


monday, june, 4, 2007
  10:00 pm

Visiting Fairy Child

Visiting Fairy child
Originally uploaded by ElectricFireCat
Despite the Attack of the Cherry Tomato, Kyra very much enjoyed being a social butterfly this weekend.


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